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Key extracts: No 10's e-mails
E-mails released to the Hutton inquiry cast fresh light on No 10's role in drafting the Iraq weapons dossier and also the handling of Dr David Kelly.

Here are extracts from some of the key documents shown to the Hutton inquiry on Monday.

Email from Sandra Powell, on behalf of Alastair Campbell to Downing Street chief of staff Jonathan Powell, 5 September 2002

Re dossier, substantial rewrite, with JS (John Scarlett) and Julian M (thought to be Julian Miller chief of the Cabinet Office's assessment team) in charge, which JS will take to US next Friday, and be in shape Monday thereafter. Structure as per TB's (Tony Blair's) discussion. Agreement that there has to be real intelligence material in their presentation as such.

Email from Jonathan Powell to John Scarlett, chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, 17 September, 2002:

The dossier is good and convincing for those who are prepared to be convinced.

I have only three points, none of which affect the way the document is drafted or presented.

First the document does nothing to demonstrate a threat, let along an imminent threat from Saddam. In other words it shows he has the means but it does not demonstrate he has the motive to attack his neighbours let along the West.

We will need to make it clear in launching the document that we do not claim that we have evidence that he is an imminent threat.

The case we are making is that he has continued to develop WMD since 1998, and is in breach of UN resolutions.

The international community has to enforce those resolutions if the UN is to be taken seriously.

Second we will be asked about the connections with al-Quaeda (sic)....

Third, if I was Saddam I would take a party of western journalists to the Ib Sina factor or one of the others pictured in the document to demonstrate there is nothing there. How do we close off that avenue to him in advance?

Jonathan Powell to John Scarlett, 8 July 2003

According to Gilligan's evidence the same source expressed scepticism to him about the uranium from Niger intelligence.

Has anyone asked K (Dr Kelly) about that? He is also explicit that the source told him that 45 mins was single source, although he seems to have got in the muddle about missiles and munitions which could be explicable by the face that someone had told him about the intelligence but he had not seen it.

Jonathan Powell to Number 10 aide Clare Sumner - showing the prime minister's attitude to Dr Kelly appearing before the Foreign Affairs Committee and Intelligence and Security Committee

Tried PM out on Kelly before FAC and ISC next Tuesday. He thought he probably had to do both but need to be properly prepared beforehand. I passed this on to MoD.

Tom Kelly, prime minister's official spokesman to Jonathan Powell and Clare Sumner, 10 July 2003

This is now a game of chicken with the Beeb - the only way they will shift is they see the screw tightening.

Tom Kelly to Jonathan Powell, 10 July 2003

The MoD tell me there is a possibility that David Kelly may appear before the ISC rather than the FAC. But the latter would surely be better, because if Kelly appears next Tuesday, they could recall Gilligan next Wednesday.

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