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Gilligan's interview notes revealed

Andrew Gilligan
Andrew Gilligan appeared during the second day of the Hutton Inquiry
The notes that BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan took during a key conversation with weapons expert David Kelly have been revealed during a hearing into the scientist's death.

Mr Gilligan made the notes when he met Dr Kelly at a central London hotel to discuss weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The Today programme's defence correspondent did not make notes at the beginning of the meeting, but asked Dr Kelly if he could when he started talking about interesting topics.

Mr Gilligan told the Hutton Inquiry into Dr Kelly's apparent suicide that he could not produce a full transcript as the notes were on a personal organiser which he could no longer find.

transformed wk before pub to make it sexier
Andrew Gilligan's notes from David Kelly conversation

But at the hearing in London on Tuesday, he did present a print-out from the Palm Pilot which showed his notes on their talks about the September dossier in an annotated form.

It read, including abbreviations and misspellings, as follows:

"transformed wk before pub to make it sexier the classic was the 45 mins most things indossier were db lsc but that was single-source

"One source said it took 45 minutes to set up mobile assembly. That was misinterpreted.

"most people in intel werent happy with it because it didn't reflect the considere view they were putting forward Campbell real info but unr. incl against our wishes

"Not included in the original draft. Dull. He asked if anything else could go in."

Dr Kelly apparently committed suicide after he was named as the possible source for Mr Gilligan's report claiming the government had exaggerated Iraq's weapons capability to make the case for war.


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