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Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 August, 2003, 13:18 GMT 14:18 UK
Film about Kelly death planned
Tom Mangold is a former BBC journalist and friend of Dr David Kelly
Investigative journalist Tom Mangold, a friend of Dr David Kelly, is to make a TV programme about the events which led to the death of the weapons expert.

The one-hour film will be broadcast later in the year on Channel 4.

The show will explore the row between the BBC and the government over the presenting of intelligence about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, the channel said.

The row resulted in Dr Kelly being named as the prime source for BBC reports that intelligence reports had been "sexed up" by the government.

Dr Kelly apparently committed suicide several days later.

Mr Mangold worked for the BBC's investigative current affairs programme Panorama for more than 25 years, until he retired earlier this year.

His investigations into the subject of biological warfare brought him into regular contact with Dr Kelly, and the two became friends.

David Kelly, government weapons inspector
Dr Kelly's funeral will be held on Wednesday
Mr Mangold has said he introduced the scientist to other members of the media.

"David was always prepared to tell reporters what the intricacies of biological warfare were about," he told BBC Radio Cornwall last month.

"He was a generous and unselfish man, a man of great dignity and integrity."

The Hutton inquiry into Dr Kelly's death opened on Friday but was adjourned until after the scientist's funeral, which is to be held on Wednesday.

But the row has continued to bubble on.

On Monday Tony Blair's spokesman apologised to Dr Kelly's family for referring to him in a conversation with journalists as a "Walter Mitty" character.

This led to backbench Labour MP Glenda Jackson calling for the spokesman to be sacked.

The as-yet untitled film on Dr Kelly is being made by Twenty Twenty Television.

It will form part of a season of programmes about the current Blair administration to be shown on Channel 4.

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