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Write Iain Duncan Smith's speech
The party leader's speech at conference is a key moment in the political year.

So what would you suggest if you were one of Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith's speechwriters this week?

You'd need a good sound bite, a decent joke and a chunk of political meat.

Write your version of the speech - in around 100 words - and we'll publish a selection of the best responses.

Here are some of the best suggestions so far:

Freedom, choice, democracy, enterprise - these are the pillars of a modern society. This party dedicates itself to breaking down social and economic barriers that condemn too many to a life without hope and without opportunity. Public services must once again serve the public and not the vested union interests. All parents must have the ability to choose the best school for their child. All patients must have the ability to choose the best doctor and hospital for their ailment.
Huw Sayer, London UK

The government's performance this summer is less Blairite and more Blainite. Like David Blaine, they're stuck in a box. Obsessed with themselves. Looking down on the people they serve. They're desperate to find some magic trick to rescue them from a failing economy, crumbling public services and an electorate that neither believes them nor wants them there. The tragedy for Britain is that after Labour's big promises, they've turned out to be nothing more than a shabby, self-indulgent illusion. It's time to turn our backs on this bunch of charlatans and give Britain honest, reliable, decent government. Real life Conservatism.
Patrick Lawrence, England

Tony Blair might have realised that he doesn't have a reverse gear. But what he has failed to notice is that he is also losing acceleration, his steering wheel is locked, and his passengers got out of the car 50 yards back up the road because they no longer believed he was roadworthy. And only the Conservatives have got what it takes to make sure he fails his next MOT
Jacq Kelly, Scotland

The Labour Party is having an auction: Hoon is going, Blair is going and Campbell has gone. Why? Because they have systematically deceived the very people they are supposed to be serving - the British public. They said they wouldn't raise taxes, but they have. They said they would reduce crime, and serious crime is on the increase. They said Iraq posed a clear and present danger to the UK and its allies when they knew it didn't. It is our responsibility to restore the credibility into politics, to be honest with the voter and be true to our word.
Mark Johnson, UK

This party supported this government over claims Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. We believed the government's intelligence reports that we were a nation in grave danger from these evils. We placed trust in this government and yet again they have lied through their teeth. Where are the weapons? Its been six months and not a shred of evidence has been found. How can anyone trust this government anymore?
Adam Ross, UK

They say we are a party of old ideas, that we are old fashioned, and only appeal to the elderly. They say that we are the party that cannot dance anymore. Well ladies and gentlemen of the Conservative Party, we have to prove them wrong. So, let's all stand up and show them we can. Let's all do the Charleston.
Steve, UAE

Maggie was not for turning; Tony doesn't reverse - well, I stand still
Peter, UK

Tony Blair may not have a reverse gear but this country is still going backwards. Backwards, in the hospitals, where the waiting lists are longer than ever, backwards in the streets where there is more crime and fewer police, backwards in the classrooms where there is a funding crisis like never before. Labour is spending more and delivering less. The people of Britain deserve more. Everybody deserves a fair deal. Everybody deserves the Conservatives
David King, UK

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