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Blair's reaction to Kelly death: Full text
Tony Blair
Tony Blair spoke while on a tour of the Far East
Prime Minister Tony Blair reacted to Dr David Kelly's death by saying the judge heading the inquiry into it should be allowed to get on with his job.

This is the full text of his response to a question on the issue from journalists while on a visit to South Korea:

I do think this is a time for respect and restraint, not for recrimination of any sort.

And in addition I would say that of course there are things that I will talk about to the inquiry, as will others.

But I think the right and proper process is that I speak to the judge who is head of the inquiry in the way that other people will, that he is allowed to get on with his job to establish the facts, and then to give those facts and his judgments on them.

And I think that is the best way to proceed after what has been a terrible, terrible tragedy.

And I think people want and expect ourselves as politicians, I think yourselves as the media reporting this, to show that respect and restraint because of what has happened and to recognise that there is now a proper process that can take place in a proper way, where someone wholly independent will look at the facts, will investigate them and will then make the judgment.

And then after those judgements are published, then of course we can all discuss what the results of those judgments are, and I think that is the right way to proceed.


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