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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 September, 2003, 14:22 GMT 15:22 UK
Take our conference quiz
How closely were you following party conference season last year?

Did you keep up with the big speeches, the fringe events and the offbeat stories which come up every year?

Take our quiz to find out whether you can't get enough of conference - or would rather be on the beach making sandcastles.

What did Tony Blair say Labour had to be in the future?
A: More radical
B: Bolder
C: More confident
How did the prime minister described the euro single currency?
A: The UK's destiny
B: A dead duck
C: Right for the UK when the economic conditions are right
Theresa May said the Tories had to shed their image as...
A: Out of touch
B: Male-dominated
C: Nasty
Tory MP Andrew Lansley suggested his party should change its name to...
A: Reform Conservatives
B: New Conservatives
C: Conservative Future
At a fringe meeting, Peter Mandelson said he had joined the Young Communists as a youngster because...
A: Of a deeply held view
B: To meet some new friends
C: To sell papers outside tube stations
What image made the front pages during Tory conference?
A: Ann Widdecombe's new haircut
B: Theresa May's colourful footwear
C: Iain Duncan Smith's new suits
Which Hollywood star turned up at Labourís conference?
A: Matt Damon
B: Kevin Spacey
C: Ben Affleck
What did Bill Clinton get up to for his late night Blackpool entertainment?
A: Dancing the night away at Glitzy's nightclub
B: A tram ride to check out the illuminations
C: A trip to the nearest burger bar
What event overshadowed Liberal Democrat conference last year?
A: Publication of the Iraq dossier
B: The Cherie-gate affair
C: Estelle Morris' resignation
Who took a dip in the sea to make a point?
A: John Prescott
B: Margaret Beckett
C: Michael Meacher


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