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At a glance: Blair-Bush summit
Tony Blair and George Bush
Bush and Blair met recently in the US
Tony Blair and George Bush have met to discuss the shape of post-war Iraq at Hillsborough Castle near Belfast. Here are the main points of that summit at a glance:

  • A good part of the discussions focused on the Middle East, said Mr Blair.

  • "To those who can sometimes say the process in the Middle East is hopeless, I say we can look at Northern Ireland and take some hope from that," said Mr Blair.

  • The prime minister paid his condolences to those who have died in the Iraq conflict, but stressed that the regime was weakening and the people were turning towards the coalition.

  • "The power of Saddam is ending and our enemy in this conflict has always been Saddam and not his people," said Mr Blair.

  • Discussions have been on how to get vital supplies to the Iraqis, said Mr Blair, adding that the country will be governed by the Iraqi people for the Iraqi people.

  • "This new Iraq that will emerge is not to be run either by us or indeed by the UN, that indeed is a false choice. It will be run by the Iraqi people," said Mr Blair, who paid tribute to President Bush and the American servicemen involved in the conflict.

  • President Bush said Mr Blair was a man with "great ability, deep conviction and steady courage".

  • "He has my admiration and he has the admiration of the American people," he said.

  • Mr Bush called on the communities of Northern Ireland to work towards peace, stressing that his government "strongly supports" those efforts.

  • "In the meeting this afternoon, I will urge Northern Ireland's political leaders to adopt this plan as their own. This is an historic moment."

  • Mr Bush said he was proud of American, British and Australian forces at work in Iraq.

    "We share sacrifices, we share grief, we pray for those families who mourn the loss of life - American families, British families," he said.

  • The world has witnessed the "brutal desperation, the true character of the Iraqi regime", said Mr Bush.

  • Iraq will be initially run by an interim government, said Mr Bush, who said he was committed to working with the international institutions, including the UN.

  • The president said he was committed to the roadmap for peace in the Middle East.

  • The US has "no finer ally than the UK", "no finer friend than the prime minister", whose leadership he was grateful for, said Mr Bush.

  • The president said he was looking forward to the new prime minister of the Palestinian people putting his cabinet together so the roadmap can be released.

  • Being in Northern Ireland made him "more firm" in his belief "that peace is possible", said Mr Bush.

  • On Saddam Hussein, the president said: "I don't know whether he has survived. The only thing I know is he is losing power."

  • Mr Bush paid tribute to the efforts of the Royal Marines in securing Iraq's second city of Basra. He said they were "working so hard" that people now understand the coalition is there to stay.

  • "Iraqis are plenty capable of running Iraq and that is precisely what is going to happen," said Mr Bush.

  • He said "the UN will have a vital role" in the interim authority, which will be "involved along with the coalition".

  • Mr Bush said a "vital role" was "an agent to help people live freely and that means food, medicine, aid".

  • The president said there was "scepticism" in Europe that he means what he says. "Saddam Hussein knows I mean what I say," he said.

  • Mr Blair insisted: "Whatever is the past is the past, but this country [Iraq] is in the process of being liberated."

  • Mr Blair said it was important to focus on the well-being of the Iraqi people.

    The BBC's James Helm
    "This has been called the war and peace summit"

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