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Monday, 30 September, 2002, 10:40 GMT 11:40 UK
Extracts from the Currie dairies
Edwina Currie
Mrs Currie claimed John Major was 'nice and so attractive'
Edwina Currie's revelation that she had a four-year affair with Tory ex-prime minister John Major have astonished the political world.

Here we pick out key quotes from the first extracts of Mrs Currie's explosive diaries serialised in The Times.

31 August 1987:

"Non-political spouses don't understand our love affairs with politics and simply mutter that we asked for it. I remember B [her codename for John Major] saying his wife was same.

"But the brotherhood of politics - and of the Commons - does create intimacy and exclusiveness."

28 September:

"Spoke to B this evening - I'm so glad he was in ... It's so hard when I don't see him. Still, I've thought that every year and we're still at it."

17 March 1988:

"Just saw BBC's Question Time. John Major was quite impressive. He needs a haircut and shouldn't point, and should get non-reflecting specs: but he was on top of his subject and visibly confident, firm and pleasant ...

"Watched B from afar this week. He looks good, but he doesn't need me now. Apart from a certain ache I'm not sure if I want or wish to ask him again.

"Well, we'll see. It wasn't quite so good last time - he's a bit arrogant now."

20 March:

"The real reason I wanted to write tonight was to record the end of something very special.

"I wrote to B on Thursday night saying that's it, no more; posted it Friday morning, so he won't have seen it yet, maybe not till Tuesday.

"Because it isn't quite the fun it was - he has changed.

"It was best when he was restless, hiding himself, lacked confidence; he told me about his family; his early background, about being out of work, nearly being killed in an accident, all the deep things you only tell your soul ...

"He wrote only once, back in 1984 before we started, apologising for something he'd said thoughtlessly, 'I wouldn't hurt you for the world'. Once, unguarded, he answered when prodded, 'I think you're lovely,' but that was it ...

"So why did it start? Because I was unhappy with a husband forever slumped snoring in front of the television, not helpful or interested in what I was trying to do.

"I needed a friend. The first one turned out to be a right slob, with some kinky preferences and a selfishness of such magnitude as I've never met before.

"I needed help and advice to get up from the backbenches, but the slob made it harder. 'I love you,' he said, but his real idea of women was to keep them in their place and not upstage him.

"Then B came along, and he was so nice and so attractive, and so quiet in public that it was a challenge to unearth the real person, and to seduce him - easy!

"And it was unexpectedly, spectacularly good, for such a long time."

2 October:

"I saw B again on Friday: I was in the area where he lives, and he and his wife offered their home for a rest, which I appreciated ...

"To my horror, the magic started to work again and in a very big way. When we parted he held my hand a long time and squeezed it, even though other people were there...

"I sat on the bed while he sat on the stool near the mirror - what did he think I was going to do while his wife was in the kitchen?

"He offered me hospitality for the night, but I said no; when he pressed me I whispered, I couldn't take it, couldn't cope ...

"Sounds like a schoolgirl escapade or a Mills & Boon book, doesn't it? But this man is very special, and I think he finds himself equally surprised and pleased that I'm his, as I do that he cares for me.

"It's not just sex, it's a very high regard too...

"When I needed a lover, again I chose too well, for I didn't expect to love this man - and I do, very much indeed.

"All weekend I've been feeling his hand on mine and it turns my heart over.

"I weep for what I don't have, with the increasing certainty that I want it very much and somehow will have it again..

"For a long time it made stop loving Ray [now ex-husband] - or maybe the contrast was just too stark?

"Maybe my innate dissatisfaction was surfacing anyway, and if it hadn't been B, it might have been someone else, someone more aggressive and less concerned at breaking up a marriage."

The Guardian's Simon Hoggart
"The magical ingredients in these liaisons are politics and power"
Former press secretary to John Major, Sheila Gunn
"I think she's demeaning herself"

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