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Wednesday, 9 October, 2002, 12:20 GMT 13:20 UK
Write Duncan Smith's speech
The party leader's speech at conference is a key moment in the political year.

Party members will be hanging on every word, while political observers will be looking for policy shifts and assessing the leader's performance.

We asked you what you would suggest if you were one of Iain Duncan Smith's speechwriters this week.

Here are a selection of the best ideas.

We in the Conservative Party stand for freedom of the individual. If you do not like the school the children attend, get together with a few friends and start your own. If you do not like our railway system, set up your own. If traffic cones are slowing you down, design your own streamlined layout. If you are unimpressed by the opposition to the Labour Government, just set up your own party.
Roger Powell, UK

Decentralisation, Decentralisation, Decentralisation. Returning power to the electorate, the breakup of the overbearing monoliths of institutionalised socialism. Powers delegated to the county/local councils where they are better placed to implement the wishes of the local electorate. Reduction in central government expenditure - let the people decide were their money is to be spent. No more forcing people to accept politically suspect dogma thay have not voted for. Freedom of choice. Public services to become responsible to the Tax payers (i.e their customers) Empowerment of the electorate not the civil service. Scottish and Welsh MP's to lose their vote on purely English local issues.
Charles, England

Over the past few days I've had a lot of criticism directed in my general direction about what image I want to project about my party. Well let me tell you ladies and gentleman, come 2005 The Conservative party shall be known as The party of "MIGHT". Yes that's right, we MIGHT believe in social services, we MIGHT believe in privatisation, we MIGHT believe in free education, we MIGHT believe in racial equality or we MIGHT not, but you'll never really know until you vote for us will you! So that's the deal ladies and gentleman, vote for Labour if you want to know what you're getting, but vote Tory for a genuine surprise!
Dileepa Fonseka, New Zealand

Every day I walk past my parish church with the St.George flag flying from its tower it reminds me of the history and traditions of the village. We in the Conservative Party stand for the heritage that the church and flag represents. We stand for the heritage bequeathed to us by the many hundreds lying in the soil of the parish churchyard. That is why I am here today. No to globalisation and European dominance and yes to self determination by the villages and towns throughout the British Isles.
Steve, UK

Hi there, im the guy that sits opposite Tony Blair. Err.. thats it.
Bill, UK

Tories, We want to become the next government. To become the government, we must look like a government. Thats why I endorse the Labour policies so closely. On international front like Iraq we totally support the Labour Government. On domestic front about public services we have very close ideology to the Labour Government. We are not an opposition, we are a "shadow" government. Democrats look like an opposition they will always remain one. Tories, Would you not wonder how we will win the next election. Labour is a hype around Blair words. Labour's edifice of hype will crumble, as labour has no sense to implement these policies, and we have it. Implementation is our main power. Tories!! Embrace yourself to remove the word shadow from "shadow government".
Netar Young, England

I-D-S. I'll Demolish Statism. It is time for us to seriously roll back the frontiers of the State and deliver real freedom to our people. In the 80s we got the Government out of the boardroom; it's now time to get the Government out of your bedroom too. As long as what any individual gets up to doesn't interfere with me or you, then who are we to tell them how to live their life?
Edward Lennox, UK

Hi, for those who dont know me, I am Iain Duncan Smith.
James Conway, SE England

I sit opposite Tony Blair in the Commons and listen to him make promises that he fails to deliver again and again. As a Conservative we want to set free individuals financially and protect them against society's demons. We want everyone to have equal opportunities as individuals, to create wealth to become a better class of people and a better country. We stand for freedom of choice above all and now need a modern view to society by accepting new concepts and new groups of people. By accepting that society has changed we are able to see the needs of a more modern society and become a better party for it
Kelly, UK

The time has come for our party to mount an effective opposition. For too long have Labour been getting away with empty promises and a failure to deliver. If Tony Blair is unable to give the people of Britain what they deserve, then we must make the people realise that we will. This involves wiping the slate clean, new policies, fresh ideas and a willingness to adapt to change whilst listening to the people. Schools and hospitals should be given greater freedom to act independently, teachers and nurses once again respected. I shall take a new party with me to the next election and re-establish Conservatism in Great Britain.
James Green, England

I won't bore you with 'witty' sound bites, as this Conservative Party aims to say things simply, the way that things are. And this is the way that things are. Labour has failed to deliver. Simple. We are the party that does not make false promises, that does not rely upon party whips and spin doctors, but rather promises to encourage a Britain where we all, as individuals, may flourish. We aim to provide a state that it compassionate and free, emphasising lower taxes for all and more incentives for a stronger economy and a stronger Britain.
Anna Dawson, UK

We, the Conservatives, must stop this in-fighting which is tearing our party apart, a return to the most successful economic policies of the late 20th century, a return to a united party against federal Europe, a return to a single United Kingdom. In short, a return to the glory days of Thatcherism. An end to the hollow hype of Blair, we must use their failures to deliver on key issues as a springboard to leap to power, helping not just middle England, but everyone in Britain. Equal Opportunities for all under the Conservatives. Strong Economy, Strong Equality, Strong Britain.
Liam, England

'We've tried 'Do as I say, not as I do' and that didn't work, so now we'll...errr, carry on as usual!
Will Jackson, UK

WE will cut tax, we will cut tax, we will cut tax.........
George Judd, UK

Go back to your constituencies and prepare for opposition!
James S, U.K.

You turn if you want to, the gentlemen is not quite sure which way he's going! Popular policies, tolerant policies the right policies. No, no, no.
Justin Meadows, England

The Tories have been seen as the nasty party. That's because we were. I'm launching a better brand of Conservativism - one which stamps out racism, embraces collectivism and seeks proper freedoms for Britain's people - the right to good public services and not just the right to low taxes. We shall have a new logo of a spade and a quill to indicate we've dug our way out of electoral defeat and can now write about the good times we will establish. We're going to relabel ourselves as the PATRICIAN PARTY!
Martin Coule, UK

History records that the greatest achievement by the Conservative Party a generation ago was to offer thousands of people the chance to own their own homes for the first time: we trusted the British people. Let history judge that this generation of the Conservative Party allowed millions of parents to make choices about where and how their children were educated for the first time. Let us trust the British people again. In education, and in health, in the same way as in housing before: we trust the British people.
David Boulton, England

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