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Monday, 15 July, 2002, 16:25 GMT 17:25 UK
2002 Spending Review: At-a-glance
Below are the main points of Chancellor Gordon Brown's 2002 Spending Review.


  • 6% increase in education budget year-on-year, reaching 58bn in 2005/6
  • 2.5% a year increase in real terms spending on all public services, excluding increases in health spending already announced
  • More cash for the home office, defence, culture and sport, as well as education
  • More powers to take over failing schools, prisons and other institutions
  • By 2006, 61bn a year more to improve public services


  • Cash to modernise schools to increase from 2.25bn a year to 4.5bn a year by 2006
  • All secondary schools to receive 50,000 a year extra
  • Extra annual payments of 125,000 for 1,400 secondary schools, tied to new performance targets
  • Typical primary school will receive 10,000 a year more, boosting their annual direct payment to 50,000
  • Scheme to pay students 1,500 a year for staying on at school beyond their GCSEs to be extended from September
  • In total, spending per pupil will rise from 3,500 a year to 4,900 a year by 2005/6, an increase of 50% on 1997 levels

The Home Office

  • Home Office budget up from 10bn to 13.5bn by 2006, an increase of 3.5bn
  • Cash will be used to speed up asylum process and increase police numbers

Culture and sport

  • Budget increase for Department of Culture, Media & Sport from 1.3bn to 1.6bn by 2006
  • Cash used to keep museum entry free and invest in local sports and arts projects
  • New three-year fund of 125m for voluntary organisations

Children and communities

  • New integrated budget for childcare and early years learning, worth 1.5bn by 2006. Full details to be announced
  • Extra 250,000 childcare places
  • By October 2004 every three- and four-year-old will have a nursery place
  • Budget for Children's Fund, which helps vulnerable children, increased to 200m a year
  • More children's centres in local communities
  • Expansion of Sure Start scheme

Pensioners and the disabled

  • Raise Disability Rights Commission budget by 14% by 2006
  • New pension credit to nearly half of all pensioners, 14 a week for single pensioners
  • 6% increase in social services budget to boost services for the elderly

Local authorities and housing

  • Increase in local authorities' budget by 4.2% a year
  • Housing budget to increase to 5.9bn a year by 2006, a 105% increase on 1997 level
  • New social housing and homes for key workers in south-east England and cash to upgrade old properties
  • Increasing the Neighbourhood Renweal Fund to 525m a year

Public service reform

  • Underperforming local authorities and prisons face being taken over
  • Poor performing schools will also be taken over
  • More cash and freedom for high-performing institutions
  • Departments must meet higher standards or face budget cuts
  • New Police Standards and housing watchdogs to be created to boost standards
  • Health and social care inspectorate also to be created


  • 38m more for sustainable energy initiatives
  • Expand Enterprise education to 3,500 secondary schools
  • Expand modern apprenticeships to 300,000 by 2004
  • Office of Fair Trading budget to increase from 34m to 55m
  • Expand work permit scheme for key workers
  • Raise the Small Business Service budget


  • 12% increase in transport budget, from 7.7bn a year to 11.6bn by 2006

Farming and the regions

  • Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs budget to go up 2.7% a year, from 2.5bn to 2.9bn, by 2006
  • Cash to be spent on promoting sustainable farming and improving flood defences
  • Major reform of planning to speed up development in high unemployment areas
  • Regional Development Agency (RDA) budgets up from 1.6bn a year to 2bn
  • RDA's role to be strengthened in tourism and transport

Science and higher education

  • Higher Education fund rising to 90m a year
  • 10% increase in funding for science teaching
  • New national centre for excellence in science teaching

International development

  • UK aid budget to increase from 3.3bn last year to 4.9bn by 2006

Foreign office

  • Budget to go up from 1.3bn to 1.5bn by 2006
  • Cash to be spent on increased role for British Council and BBC World Service, whose budget will be 38m a year higher by 2006


  • Defence budget up from 29.3bn to 32.8bn by 2006, biggest increase in 20 years

The government's plans for future spending are published on 15 July

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