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Monday, 20 August, 2001, 14:49 GMT 15:49 UK
At-a-glance: Tory hopefuls' policies
Iain Duncan Smith and Ken Clarke
Conservative leadership hopefuls Ken Clarke and Iain Duncan Smith have set out their ideas and policies for reviving the party.

Here is BBC News Online's at-a-glance guide to what they are proposing.

Ken Clarke

Key principles

  • Opportunity, freedom, fairness, diversity, decentralisation, respect for institutions, an extended patriotism.

    Renewing the party

  • Establish four policy commissions, each chaired by a top-level figure, on: the environment and transport; government and the constitution; health; education.

    Public services

  • Give parents and patients choice.

  • Set fewer, clearer and more consistent performance targets for the NHS and schools.

    Ken Clarke's mailshot manifesto
    Ken Clarke says he can take the party to victory

  • Forge a "new compact" between the state and universities and look for ways of abolishing student tuition fees.

  • Examine "with an open mind" any scheme promising substantial cuts in congestion and pollution.

  • Empower local authorities and other local groups to restore the economic and social strengths of their communities.

    Freedom and responsibility

  • Cut red tape.

  • Encourage the voluntary bodies and associations that stand between the state and individuals.

    The Constitution

  • Bring stability to relations between England and Scotland, including an examination of budgetary unfairness between the two and tackling the "West Lothian question".

  • Oppose proportional representation.

  • Decentralise power from Whitehall but oppose Labour's regional government proposals.

  • Pursue practical policies to improve race relations.

  • Restore respect for politicians by straight talking.


  • Federalism not the right way.

  • Decentralise and deregulate the European Union.

  • Keep Britain's veto on "crucial areas".

  • Oppose withdrawal from the EU.

  • Allow all party members free expression on their views on the euro.

    Iain Duncan Smith

    Key principles

  • Freedom, tolerance, respect for family, love of country, valuing initiative and investment, wealth as a responsibility and an obligation.

    "The welfare society"

  • Establish an Office of Civil Society "to create a public champion for the voluntary and charitable sectors and to encourage a new generation of social entrepreneurs".

    Foreign affairs

  • Encourage free trade and co-operation with Europe.

  • Promote wider, more flexible European Union.

    Iain Duncan Smith's mailshot manifesto
    Iain Duncan Smith stresses the need to occupy the "common ground"

  • Oppose entry to single currency and the creation of a European army or government.

  • Develop strong economic, social and cultural links across the Atlantic and globally.

    Tax and savings

  • Cut regulation and the tax burden.

  • Reward savings and encourage investment, enterprise and family stability.

  • End the "misery of means tested benefits" for pensioners.


  • Introduce tax breaks to promote use of solar energy cells to generate electricity in homes and other buildings.

  • Renew Conservative commitment to preserving and improving the environment.

    Public services

  • Give people more freedom and choice in healthcare and education and end the "ration book state".

  • Give schools greater control over their budgets and how they are run.

  • Allow schools to oblige parents to support teachers' work through binding contracts.

  • Encourage a greater role for independent, voluntary and charitable providers in public services but keep services free at the point of use.

    Renewing the party

  • Harness the expert input of party members and councillors.

  • Improve the regional co-ordination of resources.

  • Create a new unit at Conservative Central Office to spearhead the fight against the Liberal Democrats.

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