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Poll chance 'to vote on terror'

Jim Allister
Jim Allister said he was confident he would win a seat

The Traditional Unionist Voice leader has said the European elections are the first chance people have had to give their verdict on the "obscenity of terrorists in government".

Jim Allister won a seat at the last EU poll standing for the DUP.

He said keeping two of Northern Ireland's three seats in unionist hands was a top priority.

Mr Allister said that it was "unfortunate the DUP has seen fit to split the vote".

He claimed the DUP would rather see him out of Europe than the Sinn Fein candidate Bairbre De Brun because they could stop looking over their shoulder at the TUV and "get back round the cabinet table with IRA/Sinn Fein in comfort".

Mr Allister, who also rejects the Lisbon Treaty and opposes the UK joining the Euro, said his party would fight to "ease the load" of Brussels bureaucracy on business.

He denied his party was opposed to shared government - but was was opposed to "terrorists in government." as well as the devolution of policing and justice and "the Maze shrine".

Speaking as the TUV launched their manifesto, he accused his former party of hypocrisy and said he was confident he could win.

"If the people in this province think it is marvellous to have Martin McGuinness as their joint first minister then I'm not their man," he said.

"If they think it is fantastic that Sinn Fein has been able to reduce education to an absolute shambles then they'll want to thank those who gifted them that office.

"If they think it is acceptable that south Armagh IRA can murder Paul Quinn and their Sinn Fein can continue in government then they will not be voting TUV but if all those things abhor them then I am their man."

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