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Ex-INLA man fears for his life

Taxi sign

A former INLA prisoner from Londonderry has said his life is under threat from other republicans.

Paul Maxwell had his car and work van burnt outside his house in Creggan at about 0045 GMT on Tuesday.

A police spokesperson said that windows were broken in both vehicles and an accelerant was used before the vehicles were set alight.

Mr Maxwell said he has been falsely accused of stealing thousands of pounds from a taxi company in the city.

"Last month, a coalition of different republican groups came into the house and demanded certain things from me and my son, which we adhered to," he said.

"But one group in particular are pursuing allegations that about six weeks ago we went into a cab firm and stole £10,500.

"I'd like to state that at no time did I rob the cab office, and I think the people that did it are criminals.

"This group keeps contacting us and saying we have to hand over £10,500 but I need to let these people know that I do not have that kind of money."

He added: "Even if I did have that sort of money I wouldn't be giving it to them because it wasn't me that stole it."

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