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Call to remove dissident videos

YouTube have said they will investigate the matter

The Democratic Unionist Party has asked video sharing website YouTube to remove clips praising dissident republicans.

The videos, one of which is entitled 'Free Derry Media - The War Goes On, were brought to the site's attention by Jeffrey Donaldson.

The DUP MP for Lagan Valley said the clips glorified terrorism.

"They very often involve the use of firearms. There are shows of strength where paramilitaries in paramilitary uniform fire weapons," he said.

YouTube said that while millions use their site "in a positive way", there were a small number who tried to break its rules.

"Last year we introduced a new policy for the UK banning videos in which people brandish weapons in a threatening manner," said a statement from YouTube.


"When people see content that they think is inappropriate they can flag it and our staff then review it and take the appropriate action, including removing videos and suspending accounts."

Mr Donaldson said Youtube had offered to meet with him to discuss the issue.

"It's clear to me there is a loophole here. Terrorists organisations, or their supporters, are able to publish their propaganda without any sanction.

"These videos display weapons, they boast of their terrorist actions. It's offensive and it can also be frightening.

"They often involve threatening statements, sometimes against individuals, against the police, the army. They have named politicians.

"It doesn't matter who the terrorist organisation is. Whether it is loyalist or republican, or international Islamic extremists, in my view terrorist organisations should not be able to use the web to terrorise people."

On Monday there were clips of republican gun-men available on Youtube, though almost all appeared to feature Provisional IRA members and were shot in the 1980s or 90s.

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