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On display in the name of art

Fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square
The first member of the public went on display on July 4

More than 26,000 people have applied but there is only room for 2,400.

On July 4, a housewife from Lincolnshire in England clambered on top of the fourth plinth in London's Trafalgar Square, and every hour until October 14 a different person will become a living piece of art.

On July 21, it will be the turn of a woman from Londonderry, Nora Murray Cavanagh.

The One and Other project is the brainchild of artist Antony Gormley and people have been selected from across the United Kingdom to take part.

Built in 1841 the fourth plinth was originally intended for an equestrian statue but stood empty until 1999 when it became the location for contemporary works of art.

"I thought it sound like a really exciting and interesting project," said Nora.

Participants are chosen at random and they can do anything on the plinth as long as it is legal.

"I'm a doctor in Scotland, so everything from giving a surgery on the plinth to naked dancing has been suggested.

Antony Gormley
Antony Gormley pictured on the first day of the One and Other project

"What I've decided to do is a celebration of integrated education in Northern Ireland.

"I was lucky enough to go to Oakgrove Primary School, then Oakgrove College in the city and thought it would be great to celebrate protestant and catholic children being educated together."

So is Nora the only Derry person becoming a piece of living art?

"I applied from Scotland so technically I'm going to be one of the Scottish people.

"Across the 100 days there will be 2,400 people and Antony Gormley hoped that it would reflect the population of the different countries in the UK.

"So there should be 71 people from Northern Ireland.

"I went on the website and found one other person from Belfast, but I say come on people of the Maiden City get applying.

"They have done the draws for July and August, but there are still places for September and October."

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