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Two houses for the price of one

By Freya McClements
BBC News

For sale signs
The houses in Milford come with a free apartment in Bulgaria

Thinking of buying a house?

What about a holiday apartment to go with it?

It's something few buyers can contemplate in these cash-strapped times... unless you're searching for property in Milford, County Donegal.

Developer PJ Doherty is offering a free apartment in Bulgaria to anyone who buys a house at his development in Milford, and they're already going fast.

"We had five units remaining," said Mr Doherty, "and on Tuesday evening we only had three remaining.

"It was a development of 44 units, of which 39 successfully sold last year, but we've been sat looking at these units for the last eight months and they weren't shifting.

"We're also doing a development on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, so we decided to spark the market and to close this development off by offering a free apartment," he said.

Mr Doherty said the lucky owners would get "two holiday homes for the price of one".

"Milford is very well located in Donegal as a holiday resort area, particularly with people from the North, so that was always the market we were targeting.

"The people who would be purchasing in Milford would be thinking of holiday homes anyway.

"Now they get the sunny beaches of Donegal and the sunny beaches of Bulgaria," he said.

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