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Tuesday, 10 October, 2000, 13:50 GMT 14:50 UK
Mobile phones key to Omagh probe
Records of mobile phone conversations made on the day of the Omagh bombing are crucial to the police investigation, according to the BBC's Panorama.

In particular calls made on two mobile phones which were tracked from south of the Irish border to Omagh and back on the day of the bombing, are considered of vital importance.

Police believe the phones were used to communicate between the car carrying the bomb and another vehicle or scout car which was checking the road ahead was safe.

Colm Murphy confronted by Panorama
Colm Murphy denies "giving phone to anyone"

Colm Murphy

Panorama says one of those phones belonged to Colm Murphy, a wealthy builder it described as a "seasoned terrorist." The other was "normally used" by his foreman.

Mr Murphy, the programme alleged, once smuggled guns for the Provisional IRA and is now opposed to their ceasefire.

The programme says Mr Murphy handed over the phones to another builder, Seamus Daly, on the eve of the bombing.

Asked why, when arrested by Irish police, he is alleged to have replied: "What can I say, I could finish out at the border with a hole in my head."

Later he is said to to have told police he did know the mobiles were to be used to move bombs.

Confronted by Panorama, Murphy denied giving his phone to anyone, and described the bombing as a "terrible happening."

Seamus Daly
Seamus Daly
Seamus Daly refused to speak to Panorama

Panorama says the car used in the bombing was stolen by a car thief on the orders of an intermediary, who was in contact with Seamus Daly.

Mr Daly, 30, lives in a remote farmhouse in Culloville, in County Monaghan, in the Irish Republic. He has been arrested twice by the police and released after he said nothing.

The programme says he was one of many republican dissidents who live in the area.

Panorama says the final call made from one of the mobiles traced to Omagh had come from Seamus Daly at 3.30 that day, after the bomb exploded.

He is alleged to have spoken to a businessman about a tax scam, but this man is too frightened to give evidence.

Oliver Traynor, secretly filmed by Panorama
Oliver Traynor: Denies involvement (secret filming)

Oliver Traynor

Panorama alleges that the final warning about the Omagh bomb was made from a phone box in the Newry area. Thirty seconds earlier someone in the same area received a text message.

The programme says the phone was registered to Oliver Traynor a businessman who sells plastic window frames.

He was said to have told police the phone had gone missing, and he did not know who had it on the day of the bombing.

But Panorama says cell phone records show that another mobile owned by Mr Traynor made two calls to the missing mobile shortly before the bombing.

The programme also alleges some 50 calls were made by mobiles belonging to Mr Traynor around the time of bomb attacks on Lisburn and Newry.

Liam Campbell, secretly filmed by the BBC
Liam Campbell: Denies involvement (secret filming)

Liam Campbell

Panorama says that Liam Campbell, 38, was said to have had a mobile belonging to Oliver Traynor on the eve of the bombing.

The programme alleges that according to intelligence sources, Mr Campbell is 'Officer Commanding' of the Real IRA.

A witness told police he always rang the mobile to contact Mr Campbell.

Both Mr Campbell and Mr Traynor were contacted by letter by Panorama and declined to respond, except to deny involvement in the Omagh bombing.

Panorama says a call, suspected to have been made from the getaway car on the day of the Omagh bombing, came from the mobile said to have been held by Liam Campbell.

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