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Petrol bombings forcing us to leave say family

The PSNI are investigating two separate petrol bomb attacks in the city

A Catholic family say they are being forced to abandon their Londonderry home after a series of sectarian attacks.

They said their house in Currynierin near Drumahoe had been targeted in attacks stretching back over 13 years.

At the weekend, a group of up to 20 youths threw four petrol bombs at their home and another house in Conway Park in the Waterside area.

The family say they have lost property worth thousands of pounds in attacks.

The father of the family, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of fears for his safety, said he heard noises outside and when he went to investigate, was confronted by a youth just yards from the front of the house.

"I opened the door and he threw a petrol bomb straight at me which hit the wall three feet away from me," he said.


"I ran in to get my shoes and went out after him and there were another two petrol bombs thrown at me at the road side. There was a gang - 16 to 20 youths standing on the road."

He said the stress of the sectarian intimidation is "unbelievable".

He added: "I have lived here 13 years and it has been an ongoing thing - I have had cars wrecked, I have had a caravan wrecked, windows smashed."

Police are investigating the attack but the victims have criticised their response in the past as "very slow" and says he believes that they cannot control those responsible.

He said: "It's petrol bombs now - what is it going to be next? Is it going to be pipe bombs?

"This boy that threw the petrol bomb - he was only 12ft away from my house - and he had the neck to come in so close to throw the petrol bomb. They knew what they were doing."

He emphasised that he normally gets on well with his neighbours.

"I have plenty of friends who are Protestants. Religion is nothing to me, nothing whatsoever. We are sick of it - just sick of it."

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