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Newtownhamilton bomb condemned by politicians

The bomb exploded on Thursday night

A car bomb has gone off outside a police station in south Armagh, injuring two people.

Police officers were en route to Newtownhamilton station, which is staffed on a part-time basis, when the explosion happened at about 2325 BST on Thursday.

Politicians in the Newry and Armagh constituency have been giving their reaction to the attack.


"Those who planted this car bomb in Newtownhamilton have once again shown absolute disregard for the safety of local people. As I said before this type of action was wrong when the Provos were behind it and it is wrong now.

"Although there was a police helicopter overhead local people have told me that there were no PSNI officers in the area for up to two hours after the explosion and one would have to question why this was the case.

"I have asked my colleague and Policing Board member Alex Attwood to raise this matter as a matter of urgency."


"It's a disgrace - the fact they're able to drive in there days after the last bomb is just unbelievable.

"There's no security in the area - it's not the fault of the police on the ground but the chief constable won't give them the resources to deal with it.

"It's quite obvious they're trying to send a message of fear to the local community and it's working."


"Whilst we are told that there is only a small group of dissidents and the majority of people oppose their actions, the police must concentrate their efforts in this area to ensure that this group can be shut down.

"The greatest weapon the police can have against this evil is the cooperation of the community. I would urge anyone with information about these terrorists to pass it on to the police.

"As this society moves forward we must not allow Northern Ireland to be dragged backwards by a small group of evil people who believe in the bomb and bullet."


"It's another reckless attack which unfortunately highlights the lack of security in south Armagh.

"People are very angry and frustrated, and they feel very exposed - they feel they were left at the mercy of these bombers.

"Clearly these bombers are ideological terrorists, and there has to be a security response to this - we are not getting the proper response from the chief constable, senior command or the Policing Board."


"This despicable attempt to destabilise our society will merely strengthen our resolve to defeat terrorism.

"All politicians must again stand together and unite in condemnation of this heinous act. Unity of purpose is essential to enable us to tackle terrorism.

"People want to move forward to a shared, peaceful future and they will not let the violent actions of a small minority push Northern Ireland back into the past."


"There is little doubt that this bomb is the work of one of the small militarist factions. These people are opposed to the peace process and have no strategy to bring about political change or deliver Irish unity.

"This bomb sends a message that the peace process needs to be defended. People across the north will have the chance to do exactly that on May 6th.

"People in South Armagh do not support these actions and will be angered at the disruption that this will bring to the local community."

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