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Pipe bomb thrown at Belfast house

A door was smashed and a window was broken in the attack
A door was smashed and a window was broken in the attack

Police are trying to establish a motive for a pipe bomb attack on a house in north Belfast on Tuesday night.

A door was smashed and a window broken at the house on Glandore Avenue. Neither of the people inside was injured.

It is the second attack this year on the house which belongs to local cross-community worker, Mary Kelly.

"I would like to ask these people why, when all I want to do is make this a better place for decent people."

Ms Kelly was woken up by the bomb.

"I heard this almighty bang and I jumped our of bed and smelt burning," she said.

"I thought 'God is it my sitting room?' so I came flying down the stairs.

"Then I realised my window had been hit by a bomb and I saw the devastation all over the room, there was glass everywhere.


Mary Kelly was woken by the blast at her home

"The bomb had ball bearings in it, so they were obviously out to do some damage with it."

The Community Relations Council (CRC) condemned the attack on the home of Ms Kelly, a volunteer in a cross community project funded through the group.

Duncan Morrow, CRC Chief Executive, said "Those responsible for this attack wish to turn us back to the violence and destruction of the past."

"The attack on Ms Kelly at night in her own home is an attack on all the good work she has been involved in and therefore is an attack on the communities in the area," he said.

"Volunteers such as the individual targeted in this attack represent a more positive vision for the future in which neighbours from a diversity of community and cultural backgrounds can live together in a shared space in cooperation and respect for each other.

'We need to make clear that an attack on the home of community relations volunteers is an attack on everything positive and hopeful in recent years in Northern Ireland."

Her colleague and friend Sylvia Gordon said she cannot understand why Ms Kelly had been targeted.

"This is the second time this year that this house has been attacked.

"This blast bomb is an escalation in terms of the devastation that happened here last night," she added.

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