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Recalling the night that Rathlin came to the rescue

Rathlin report

BBC Newsline tells the story of the night Rathlin Islanders came to the rescue of fourteen stricken sailors.

Eighty years ago the men of Rathlin island took part in a daring sea rescue.

In thick fog and under the cloak of darkness, fifty men living there walked through rough terrain, carrying heavy equipment, to save fourteen lives onboard the Shackleton trawler.

It was returning home to Fleetwood after a fishing expedition but lost its way, crashing onto the rocks on the north side of the island.

With the nearest coastguard in Portrush, and making its way very slowly in a boat powered by oars, the lives of those fishermen rested in the hands of the residents of Rathlin.

Hear the memories of that night's events night from the island's oldest resident, Loughie McQuilkin, who vividly remembers his father leaving the dinner table to join in the twelve hour race against time.

Rathlin rescue

North-East reporter, Nicola Weir, talks to Rathlin Island's oldest resident about the night the island's inhabitants saved the lives of fourteen stricken sailors.

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