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Paisley hits out at 'clever trick talk'

Ian Paisley
Ian Paisley has hit out at talk of 'cunning plan'

Former DUP leader Ian Paisley has hit out at "talk of clever tricks and cunning plans".

Ian Paisley, writing in the News Letter, warned such talk could undermine the chance of the Hillsborough deal succeeding.

In his weekly column, Dr Paisley said that it was important that the deal was "enacted".

"All this talk of clever tricks and cunning plans is to undermine the chance of its success," he said.

"If a transaction has been done, then it should not be the business of either side to act with mischievous intent, nor to attempt to paint themselves as the ingenious brain that knows more than everyone else."

His remarks coincide with the paper's front-page story referring to Peter Robinson's post-dated letter of resignation as First Minister should the Hillsborough deal fail.

Last week, in a BBC interview, Mr Robinson, the first minister, described a "clever device" to safeguard against non-delivery of the deal.

In his article Dr Paisley said: "Sleight of hand will never build community confidence, but it will reveal a palm for all to read. If the deal is worthy, own it, don't ambush it."

Referring to the Hillsborough talks, he welcomed their end suggesting they had been going on for "far too long".

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