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Controversial grammar results due

Child taking exam
The children sat the new transfer tests in grammar schools

Almost 14,000 children are receiving the results of the controversial grammar school entrance exams.

However, the parents of some pupils who took the GL assessment test in Lurgan, Portadown, Armagh and Newry told the BBC the results had not arrived.

Royal Mail said there had been a "mis-sort" and that anyone who had not received results should contact them.

There were two tests, one for non-denominational schools and the other, GL, mostly used by Catholic schools.

Some children sat both.

The one used by non-denominational-schools, will give a score but leave parents to work out the equivalent grade, with a table to help them.

The other used by Catholic schools, gives both a grade and a score.

Most of those grammar schools will consider only the grade but a quarter have decided instead to use the number of marks awarded when allocating places to pupils.

Both organisations will allow parents to apply for re-marks but both say they are confident their systems have been so robust that changes are unlikely.

The next step is for parents to bring the results to meetings with primary school principals before applying for secondary or grammar school place.

The Education Minister Caitriona Ruane has wished those who sat the tests, as well as those who did not, the best of luck in choosing their future secondary or grammar school.

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