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Robinson has 'key justice issues'

Peter Robinson (left) and Gordon Brown leaving Stormont on Monday
The DUP have given the PM an eight- page dossier of requests

DUP leader Peter Robinson has said there are three areas he will no longer negotiate on over the devolution of policing and justice.

The first and deputy first ministers have been meeting Gordon Brown at Downing Street for further talks.

It is their third meeting on the issue this week.

Mr Robinson said he had a fixed position on the policing budget, legal aid and compensating security force members who have suffered hearing loss.

The talks have stalled on how much the Treasury will provide to pay for devolution of the powers.

Mr Robinson and Martin McGuinness have also clashed over when the powers should be devolved.

Sinn Fein wants it to happen immediately while the DUP says it will not happen before Christmas.

Earlier on Thursday, Mr Robinson told the BBC the speed with which they dealt with the issues he had identified did not matter, as long as they got them right.

"We are dealing with a life or death issue, a matter which effects every single citizen in Northern Ireland, we have to get it right," he said.

"If other people think its important to get it under any set of circumstances let them tell that to the electorate."

It is the second trip to Downing Street in three days for Mr Robinson and Mr McGuinness.

Before their meeting with the prime minister on Tuesday, it is understood the DUP submitted an eight-page dossier to Mr Brown.

Besides looking for more money for policing, the party is also seeking the retention of the police reserve and the freeing up of the supply of personal protection weapons to former members of the security forces.

It is understood the dossier also calls for the implementation of a recommendation by Lord Ashdown that the Parades Commission should be abolished.

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