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Who will sit on the Victims' Forum?


Alan Bracknell's father, Trevor, was shot dead in a bar in Silverbridge in south Armagh in 1975. He was originally from England and had been out celebrating the birth of his son. The attack was claimed by the Red Hand Commando but local people have consistently alleged security force collusion. Alan Bracknell has worked with the Pat Finucane Centre.


Alex Bunting lost a leg and suffered injuries to his other leg in a booby-trap bomb attack on his taxi in Belfast in 1991.

A van blown up at Teebane in 1992

Jean Caldwell's husband, 37-year-old Cecil, was one of eight Protestant construction workers killed in an IRA bomb attack at Teebane in 1992.


Phyllis Carrothers' husband Douglas was an RUC reservist, who died when a booby-trap bomb exploded under his car in Lisbellaw in Fermanagh in 1991. He was on his way to work at the time. The IRA admitted responsibility for planting the bomb.


Michael Culbert is a former IRA prisoner who was sentenced to 16 years in jail for killing a police officer. His relatives were burned out of their home in Bombay Street off the Falls Road in 1969.

The scene of the Remembrance Day Bombing in 1987

Mrs Dixon's husband, Jim, suffered multiple injuries in the IRA Remembrance Day bomb attack in Enniskillen in 1987. Eleven people were killed in the attack and 63 were injured. The attack drew widespread domestic and international revulsion and is considered a turning-point in the IRA campaign.

Willie Frazer

Willie Frazer's father, James, was a UDR soldier, who died in an IRA gun attack at Ballymoyer near Whitecross in 1975. He also lost two uncles, both members of the UDR, in IRA ambushes in 1975 and 1980. He is the founder and leader of victims' group Families Acting for Innocent Relatives (FAIR).


Mary Gregory's husband, Malachy, was shot dead at his office in College Square North in Belfast in 1977. Two gunmen came into the building to kill a UDR man and as they fired on him through a door, Malachy Gregory was shot several times in the crossfire.

Avril Monaghan

Michael Grimes' wife Mary, his daughter Avril Monaghan, who was pregnant with twins, and her infant daughter Maura, were among the 29 people who were killed by a Real IRA bomb in Omagh in August 1998. The attack was the worst single terrorist atrocity carried out during the Troubles.


Reatha Hassan OBE, who is from Markethill, experienced a number of traumatic incidents during her years of service with the Ulster Defence Regiment and the Royal Irish Regiment. She has worked with victims of the Troubles for many years and in 2005 won the Northern Ireland Local Hero award for her work.


Peter Heathwood was shot and paralysed in a gun attack on his home in 1979. Since 1981 he has recorded daily television news items, documentary programmes, history programmes, and current affairs programmes about Northern Ireland for his own private use.


Nigel Lutton's father, Frederick, was a former RUC reservist who was shot dead while working at a National Trust property near Moy in 1979. He had resigned from the RUC Reserve just a few months previously.


Alan Madill experienced a number of traumatic incidents while serving in the RUC. His father, Ernest, also a police officer, lost a leg while on duty in 1974.

Alan McBride

Alan McBride's wife Sharon and his father-in-law John Frizzell were among nine people killed in an IRA bomb attack on Mr Frizzell's fish shop on the Shankill Road in October 1993. Fifty-seven people were also injured, some seriously. Since the bomb attack, Alan McBride has dedicated much of his time contributing to debates on victims' issues as well as campaigning for peace.

Catherine McCartney (right)

Catherine McCartney's brother, Robert, died from injuries he suffered when he was attacked in a Belfast bar in 2005. It was widely believed that local members of the IRA had carried out the killing. Sinn Fein came under considerable domestic and international pressure to condemn those involved and help bring them to justice. Catherine McCartney was one of several McCartney sisters who became involved in a high-profile media campaign including meeting President Bush at the White House.

Raymond McCord

Raymond McCord's son, Raymond Junior, was killed by the UVF in November 1997. Mr McCord launched a high-profile campaign to bring his son's killers to justice. He believed that they were being protected from prosecution because they were also Special Branch agents. In January 2007, a report by the Police Ombudsman's Office confirmed it believed Raymond Junior's killers had been informers and had effectively been given immunity.


Gerry McErlean's two brothers, John and Thomas, were shot dead in Mount Vernon in north Belfast in 1975. The Catholic brothers were shot by UVF gunmen who singled them out as they played cards with Protestant workmates.


William McKee, 54, joined the Northern Ireland Prison Service in 1977. He eventually rose to the rank of senior governor at the Maze Prison and was in charge when LVF leader Billy Wright was killed there in 1997. He retired in 2004 after suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

William McKinney

Michael McKinney's brother, William, was one of 14 people killed by soldiers from the Parachute Regiment on Bloody Sunday in 1972. He is a member of the Bloody Sunday Trust, which campaigned for a new inquiry into what happened. The Saville Inquiry which was set up in 1998 is expected to report its findings next year.


Shirley McMichael's husband, John, a UDA leader in Lisburn, died from injuries he suffered in an IRA bomb attack at his home in 1987. As well as attempting to forge a political role for the UDA, he was also reputedly a UFF commander, involved in orchestrating a number of sectarian murders. His son Gary was the leader of the now-defunct Ulster Democratic Party.

Paul McIlwaine

Paul McIlwaine's son, David, was stabbed to death along with another man, Andrew Robb, in an attack in Tandragee in 2000. The attack was blamed on local members of the UVF. There were persistent allegations that an informer, who was involved in the attack, was subsequently protected by the police. In April this year, Stephen Brown, from Castlecaulfield, was jailed for 30 years for murder.


Jennifer McNern lost both legs in an explosion at the Abercorn Restaurant in Belfast in 1972. She had been out shopping for a wedding dress with her sister Rosaleen who lost both legs, an arm and an eye. Two people were killed and 130 wounded in the attack.

Charlie Armstrong

Anna McShane's father, Charlie Armstrong, was abducted in south Armagh in 1977. It's widely believed that the 57-year-old was kidnapped and subsequently murdered by the IRA. His body has never been discovered. Earlier this year the Independent Commission for the Recovery of Victims' Remains said it had been anonymously given a map of an area of the border where Mr McShane may be buried.


Cathy Nelis experienced a number of traumatic incidents in Derry during the Troubles. She has served on the District Policing Partnership in the city and also worked with the Cúnamh community group in the Bogside and Brandywell areas.


Francis Nolan served as an RUC officer during the Troubles and was exposed to a number of traumatic incidents during her service. She also lost a relative who was a serving police officer.


Jeff Smith was paralysed in a bomb explosion in Fermanagh while serving as an RUC officer in 1985.


Mark Thompson's brother, Peter, was shot dead in Belfast in January 1990. He was one of three men killed during an attempted robbery at a bookmaker's on the Falls Road. Security forces claimed the men had been mistaken for IRA members. Mr Thompson was unarmed when he was killed. Mark Thompson is a spokesperson for Relatives for Justice, a victims' group formed in 1991.

Margaret Whyte

Jude Whyte's mother, Margaret, who was known as Peggy, died in a UVF bomb attack on her home at University Street in Belfast in 1984. An RUC officer, Michael Dawson, was also killed. Jude Whyte is a psychology lecturer who has previously said a South African-style Truth Commission should be established here.


Sean Coll is a Community Victims Support Officer with the Western Health and Social Care Trust.


Oscar Daly is a Consultant Psychiatrist at Lagan Valley Hospital.


Peter McBride is the Director of Innovation and Change in the Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health.


Aidan McCann is an official of the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety.


Russell McCaughey is an official of the Department for Social Development.


Sheelagh Sheerin is a representative from the Trauma Advisory Panel.


Brighde Vallely is the Coordinator of The Mastery Foundation in Ireland.


Derick Wilson is a Senior Lecturer in Restorative Practices at the University of Ulster.

A further two members of the Forum are yet to be confirmed.

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