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Lord of the Rings on a shoestring


The Hunt for Gollum trailer

A new fan-based Lord of the Rings film, produced by a Portadown man, is due to premier this weekend.

Brian Lavery produced the 40-minute drama, The Hunt for Gollum, with a team of 160 volunteers who all share a passion for Lord of the Rings films.

Mr Lavery said: "Everyone worked on the film for the love of film making. It's such an enjoyable experience."

The film was inspired by the appendices from Tolkien's fantasy epic.

It tells the story of Aragorn as he sets out to discover the truth about the Ring.

The not-for-profit film was directed by Chris Bouchard who Mr Lavery described as "the biggest" Lord of the Rings fan in the team.

With a budget of only £3,000, the duo had to keep production costs down, which included finding cast and crew who would be prepared to work voluntarily.

However, with daily e-mails from fans who wanted to be involved in all aspects of the production, from actors to sound mixers and designers, filming was able to go ahead.


Mr Lavery said he had found some really talented people, describing them as "young professionals who have the skills,but just haven't progressed far enough up the ladder yet to be doing it as a job."

Throughout filming Mr Lavery was in touch with the Tolkien Enterprises.

He said: "As long as we don't make any profit from it, then they're happy for fans to see another sort of instalment to add to the trilogy and the two films which are coming out in a year or so."

Mr Lavery predicts a promising future for fan-based films.

He said: "I think a lot of people know that this is something that is possible and something that's achievable and so you might see a few more of these in the coming years."

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