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100ft Dalek appears on mountain

By Johnny Caldwell
BBC News

Dalek on Black Mountain (picture by Paula McIlwrath)

A 100ft Dalek has appeared on the side of a mountain which overlooks Belfast.

However, people living in the city are presumably safe enough from this particular inhabitant of Skaro as it is made from bed linen.

The 'artwork' was created on Black Mountain at the weekend by Denis Rush of the UT Events group.

The stunt comes ahead of a charity convention for fans of Doctor Who and a number of other sci-fi TV series at the Europa hotel in Belfast.

Two Dalks
Skaro is the name of the Daleks' home planet

"There was meant to be a giant question mark beside the Dalek, but I ran out of bed linen," said Denis speaking to BBC News.

"I got permission from the woman who owns the field to do it. She was only too happy to help when she heard that the convention is in aid of the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice."

The giant Dalek took two days to make after Denis had 'exterminated' his family's entire supply of bed sheets.

"The first day it was just myself up there and then on the second day my girlfriend Tory gave me a hand," he said.

"I must have asked every single member of my family for any spare bed sheets they had."

A Dalek
The Daleks were created by writer Terry Nation

"It was tough going as it must be a 50 degree slope, but it was definitely worth it.

"We don't make any money out of our events and don't have any marketing budget to speak of, so hopefully this will get people talking about our latest event."

'Vortex' is billed as a one-day convention for fans of Doctor Who, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures.

Paul Marc Davis, who has appeared in all three shows, and Chipo Chung, who has played two different characters in recent series of Doctor Who, are to take part in the conference.

Gareth David Lloyd, who stars in the spin-off series Torchwood, will also be making the trip to Belfast.

Delegates will be able to have a look inside the Tardis and also get the chance to shake hands - you know what I mean - with a Dalek.


The Daleks were created by writer Terry Nation and designed by Raymond P. Cusick.

They were introduced in December 1963 in the second Doctor Who series, becoming an instant hit with viewers.

Last year, nine out of ten children in a National Trust survey were able to identify a Dalek correctly.

Only 47% of the children surveyed by the heritage charity were able to identify a barn owl.

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