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Homecoming parade: Your comments


The streets of Belfast are British streets. Sinn Fein have got to accept this before Northern Ireland can move on. The people of Northern Ireland are proud of our forces and need to show their support.

Dave Brown, Belfast

I was born and bred in NI and lived through the Troubles, all my children and grandchildren still live there, in Lisburn. My son in law will be at the parade and if I still lived there I would certainly attend. The armed forces have done a lot for NI and it is sad to see some people do not recognise the sterling work they have done in Iraq and Afghanistan, both sides of the community should be proud to have them fighting for the peace of the UK and the world.

Loraine Martin, Rotherham, England

War is not something that should be celebrated in this way. At all.

Ryan, Glasgow

I don't think there should be a parade glorifying an organisation responsible for the murder of civilians during the troubles. I come from a protestant background but I will be there with Sinn Fein to protest against these murderers.

Kyle, Portadown

I think its a disgrace for British soldiers to march in Ireland after some of the things which they done over last 40 years .Just when Ireland was getting back to peace this happens I don't see the point in this parade.

Paul, Scotland

I'm a soldier from Coleraine in an Irish regiment (royal dragoon guards) which are marching today. Let the troops march like they do in other cities around Britain like Belfast is, it is a British city.

William, Catterick Garrison North Yorkshire

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