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Plane returns after 'tail strike'

Oxygen masks
Oxygen masks came down from above passengers' seats

A Ryanair flight was forced to return to Dublin airport on Thursday morning after the plane's tail hit the runway as it took off for London.

Oxygen masks came down from above passengers' seats, before the plane landed safely with none of the crew or 148 passengers injured.

A spokesperson for Ryanair said the plane returned to the airport as a "precautionary measure".

The incident is being investigated by the Republic's transport ministry.

A passenger on the flight told RTE radio there had been a loud bang when the aircraft took off, which he described as being similar to the noise of a plane's landing gear hitting a runway when it is landing.

"It was not a nice experience," he said.

Ryanair's planes have been involved in two other incidents recently.

On 25 August, a flight from England to Barcelona plunged 8,000 metres (26,400 feet) after a sudden loss of cabin pressure over France.

Four days later, a Ryanair jet made an emergency landing in Rome after an indicator light signalled a problem with the aircraft's landing gear.


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