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Hauliers cushioned from fuel hike

By Niall Blaney
BBC News website

Lorries in protest convoy
Hundreds of lorry drivers travelled in convoy to central London

Northern Ireland hauliers are being cushioned against rising UK fuel prices by filling up in the Republic.

Hundreds of lorry drivers angry at soaring rates travelled in convoy to protests in central London.

However, Road Hauliers Association UK chairman Willie Oliver, from Coleraine, said NI drivers had the advantage of refuelling over the border.

He said it would reach the point where oil was auctioned off to the person prepared to pay the highest price.

"As far as Northern Ireland hauliers are concerned, it is different for them because they are buying fuel in the Republic," said Mr Oliver.

"Obviously hauliers here would like to see fuel prices on a par with the Republic of Ireland, but the reality is that there is not going to be a cut of 20p per litre.

"The argument is against the oil companies, it is not against Gordon Brown. The rate of duty has not changed since 1999, when it was 50.21p per litre, compared to 50.35p now.

"I have spoken to the chancellor, and his attitude is that in real monetary terms there has been a reduction in cost."

Hauliers say diesel prices topping 120p a litre, plus a planned 2p fuel tax rise, will drive firms "to the wall".

Protesters have demanded an "essential user" duty rebate for HGV drivers.

Noel Smyth, Northern Ireland regional manager of the Petrol Retailers Association, said: "Retailers don't have any control over this, most of them make a profit of about 2.5p per litre, which isn't a fortune.

"We could see a lot of smaller retailers going out of business as they can't take a full tank from their supplier and therefore they end up paying more they for what they do get."

Highest 119.9p 129.9p
Average 115.7p 127.8p
Lowest 111.9p 122.9p
Highest 116.9p 132.0p
Average 114.5p 127.7p
Lowest 113.9p 123.9p
Highest 119.9p 134.9p
Average 117.9p 133.3p
Lowest 114.9p 129.9p
Highest 119.0p 135.0p
Average 117.3p 131.1p
Lowest 115.9p 126.9p
Highest 118.9p 129.9p
Average 114.4p 126.8p
Lowest 111.9p 121.9p

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