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Corn snake surprise in kitchen
Corn snakes can grow to up to 72in long
Corn snakes can grow to up to 72in long
A Belfast woman got more than she bargained for when she reached for a bin bag under her kitchen sink.

Karen Kennedy had just arrived home from work when she discovered a snake hiding under some cloths in the cupboard.

Believing it was a fake, she thought her fiance, Alan Groves, was playing a trick.

She was about to pick up the orange and brown non-venomous snake when Alan walked into their kitchen.

Speaking to the BBC on Wednesday, Alan said they both thought the other was playing a practical joke.

"It's a wee bit different, not what you'd expect to find when you come home from work," he said.

"Just as she was closing the door she was about to touch it thinking I had left something there."

American snake

"I didn't believe her and I thought she was joking so I wouldn't look in the cupboard,

"When I did look in I saw this scaly kind of coil thing, I closed it very quickly, I wasn't very brave."

The couple called the USPCA and David Wilson who came out to remove the 4ft-long American snake.

He managed to secure it using a pillowcase.

Mr Wilson said it wasn't the only such incident he had heard of.

"Corn snakes are turning up with increasing regularity, they seem to be escape artists," he said

"They are not dangerous per se, but they need a bit of expert keeping, the snake is fine, its had a meal.

"They wouldn't survive in the wild in our climate at the moment but they're pretty resourceful, they'll find themselves a warm corner and stay there."

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