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Last Updated: Friday, 21 March 2008, 09:13 GMT
GFA architect would change voting
Seamus Mallon
Mr Mallon was one of the architects of the Good Friday Agreement
One of the architects of 1998's Good Friday Agreement (GFA) has said he would radically change the voting system at Stormont.

Assembly members are currently required to designate themselves unionist, nationalist or other.

Seamus Mallon, former SDLP deputy leader, said he favours finding an alternative which still guarantees equality.

"I would look at the whole question of designation," said Mr Mallon

"I would seek an alternative as a protection for the rights of both communities.

"And I think possibly if we look down those lines, in terms of any coming review, there might be a way of obtaining the absolute protection of equality."

Mr Mallon described as "demeaning" the way the Alliance party was able to redesignate to enable David Trimble and Mark Durkan to be elected First and Deputy First Minister in 2002.

He also said he would like to see "healthier flexibility" in the way the Northern Ireland Executive is formed.

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