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Dustin the turkey dished by Dana

Dustin the Turkey
Eclectic musical and sartorial styles made Dustin a strong contender

Eurovision winner Dana has called for Ireland to pull out of the international song contest.

Her call followed the news that puppet Dustin the Turkey will be representing Ireland in the competition.

Dana's career began when she won the 1970 Eurovision with "All Kinds of Everything", but she thinks the contest is in danger of imploding.

"I just think it's making a mockery of the contest and if we think it's such a big joke then let's get out of it".

She added: "Certainly don't put a turkey in a trolley up against singers who are desperately trying to make a way in their career."

Dustin has been a star of RTE's The Den since 1990, and it's hoped his performance of "Irelande Douze Pointe" will ruffle some feathers across the continent.

The turkey certainly has some fans, including RTE's deputy commissioning editor, Julian Vignoles. He thinks the public just wanted something different this year.

"The contest has changed over the years, it's moved with the times, televoting has brought it to a different level.

"Something that makes an impact on the stage is as likely to win as a well-crafted song".

But it's the prospect of Dustin's success that Dana is worried by.

"The problem is they love puppets in Europe. If, God forbid he wins, we'll probably have more puppets than people in next year's Eurovision," she said.

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