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Last Updated: Saturday, 5 January 2008, 09:24 GMT
DUP 'wants devolution of justice'
Ian Paisley Jnr
Ian Paisley Jnr would not be reluctant to give leadership
The DUP wants to see the devolution of policing and justice, the party's junior minister Ian Paisley Junior has said.

He added, however, this would only happen when there was "sufficient confidence".

Speaking on BBC NI's Inside Politics, Mr Paisley said there was more that the Sinn Fein leadership could do to build that confidence.

If that happened, he said, he would not be "reluctant to give leadership".

"There are things that could be done at leadership level on all those practical issues, whether it's the Quinn murder, the McCartney murder, the issues to do with Orange halls, all of those matters, and more," he said.

"There could be more leadership expressed on those issues, seeing convictions, seeing that practically working itself out.

"People would then recognise that the commitment to policing, law and order, which has been made, is fulsome in what happens then, on the ground, and that's what we really want to see.

"At that point, there will be no reluctance from me to give leadership on those issues."

Inside Politics, Radio Ulster, Saturday 1245 GMT.

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