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Pregnant goat snatched from field
Nubian goats can be valuable
A County Fermanagh widow has made an emotional appeal for the return of her pet goat named Beauty.

Violet Gault, from near Enniskillen, says she has been at the end of her tether since the nubian goat was taken.

The pregnant goat was tied up when it was stolen last month. Goats like this can fetch more than 100, but Mrs Gault says she was a beloved pet.

It is believed there has been a spate of similar thefts across Northern Ireland in recent weeks.

Mrs Gault has been breeding goats since her husband's death 23 years ago, and says Beauty was going to be the last goat she kept.

"I had her tied up in the field where she could roam about - I had gone away for the morning and when I came back she was gone," she says.

"She is gingery-brown with a birthmark between her two shoulders about the size of a dessert spoon - there's no mistaking her."

Mrs Gault says Beauty is a great milk-producer, and nanny goats are often highly in demand as they can also suckle young lambs because of the close genetic links between goats and sheep.

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