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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 November 2007, 13:21 GMT
Islam Ireland's 3rd largest faith
A mosque dome
There are 32,500 people in Ireland who say they are Muslims
Muslims now make up the third largest religious grouping in Ireland, latest statistics have revealed.

The figures show a 70% increase in the Muslim population between 2002-2006.

Last year's Census revealed that in the previous decade 420,000 of the population were born outside the country.

Immigration and returning Irish emigrants meant the population rose to 4,172,013 - the highest since 1861.

Ireland's Central Statistics Office (CSO) said Islam was the third largest faith group after Catholicism and Protestantism, with 32,500 people saying they were Muslims.

More than 55% of those said they were either Asian or African nationals, while 30.7% had Irish nationality, said the Census.

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