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Campaign to bring back Cavan Cola
The cola's popularity soon spread throughout Ireland
The cola's popularity soon spread throughout Ireland
Fans of an Irish soft drink have launched a campaign to get it back onto shop shelves.

Cavan Cola became a cult favourite during the 1980s and was stocked in stores across Ireland before being withdrawn.

However, the drive to resurrect it has been given impetus with a new online campaign.

Cavan Cola first hit the shelves in County Cavan in 1984 and its popularity soon spread throughout Ireland.

The dark cola had a frothy burnt brown head when poured and had a distinctive taste which apparently set it apart from similar drinks.

'Defines refreshment'

In the mid-1990s, owners Cavan Mineral Water began phasing out the drink, and by 2001 it had disappeared from most shops.

Hundreds of people have now backed the 'Bring Back Cavan Cola' campaign.

It is being spearheaded by Don Leahy on the social networking site Bebo.

T-shirts have been made backing the campaign
T-shirts have been made backing the campaign

He said: "Cavan Cola is a forgotten symbol of what Cavan stood for - Cavan Cola defines refreshment, coolness and vintage Cavan culture.

"It has been sorely missed. No more Cavan children should have to grow up not being able to drink Cavan Cola from the brown bottle with a bag of Tayto (crisps)."

The drink is also featured on online encyclopedia Wikipedia and T-shirts have been made backing the campaign.

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