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Teenager 'killed by party drugs'
Danielle Gibbens died after taking drugs at a party
Danielle Gibbens died after taking drugs at a party
A 19-year-old girl has died of a heart attack after taking drugs at a party, it has been claimed.

The priest at the funeral of Danielle Gibbens in Ballykelly said that whoever sold her drugs should feel guilty.

She died on Thursday and her family believe her death was caused by drugs which she took at a party.

"There is a good bit of anger that somebody who knew their daughter, was a friend of their daughter, gave her drugs," Father Stephen Kearney said.

"Somebody is going around now who has it on their conscience that they have supplied drugs which have resulted in a death.

"The drugs supplier should have that on their conscience," said Fr Kearney from St Finlough's Church, Ballykelly.

Police said the exact cause of death had yet to be confirmed and they are awaiting the results of toxicology tests.

Heart attack

But Fr Kearney said the family was in no doubt that taking the drug had led to Danielle's heart attack.

At her funeral on Monday, Fr Kearney appealed to mourners to act on the great sense of grief that they felt.

"One positive contribution would be that whoever supplied those drugs or the society which encouraged people to take them, should come to their senses and stop this," he said.

He said that if anyone knew anything about drug dealers, then they should report them and put an end to deaths like Danielle's.

Father Stephen Kearney speaking to BBC Newsline

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