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Mannequins mauled in store wars
Clockwork Orange
Bargain hunters queued throughout Saturday outside the new store
Feverish shoppers ripped clothes off shop mannequins during a bargain store sale which ended in trouble and police being called.

One man was arrested when trendy fashion retailer Clockwork Orange opened a store at the Junction One retail outlet in Antrim.

About 2,000 people arrived for the opening and tempers frayed as people tried to jump the queue.

The shop opened at 0500 BST on Saturday for a "beat the clock" sale.

Bargain hunters were lining up for the promotion, where the cost of an item is based on the time of purchase.


Product manager Will McCooke said some people had lost all sense.

"We had beautiful girls with designer handbags and designer sunglasses on their hands and knees grabbing clothes," he said.

"It was completely primeval - it was like hunter-gatherers.

"Within half an hour of the store opening the windows had been ransacked by people coming in and ripping the clothes off the mannequins and just leaving the mannequins on the ground.

"They were literally tearing the mannequins apart to get the clothes."

He said that if you were in at 0500 BST, everything in the store would be 5 - from a 30 T-shirt to the 300 leather jacket.

"We actually had to close the fitting rooms because of the volume of people coming through - people were not trying things on, they were just grabbing handfuls of clothes and running to the cash desk."

One man was arrested for disorderly behaviour, the PSNI said.

When 'beat the clock' promotion turned angry

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