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Team in U-boat recovery dive
U-boat on seabed
A gale forced the team to delay the exploratory dive
An exploratory dive to assess the chances of recovering a sunken U-boat is to take place off the Donegal coast.

The vessel - which did not see any war action - sank while being towed from Scotland to Londonderry to be scrapped.

Derry City Council plans to raise the Nazi submarine - U-778 - which lies 16 miles north west of Malin Head in about 70 metres of water.

The aim is to house the boat in a museum where people can get a glimpse of one of the iconic vessels from WWII.

It is estimated there are about 150 of them lying off Malin Head - all vivid reminders of the Battle of the Atlantic during WWII.

'Literally brand new'

Even in the murky depths the outline of the U-boat is quite clear, with divers saying the aerials and periscopes are still intact.

Geoff Millar from Dive North, who is leading the dive, said a gale had forced his team to delay the exploratory dive.

Geoff Millar, diver
Geoff Millar is the lead diver

"When they were towing it after the Second World War, it got caught in a gale off Malin head," he said.

"It sank while being on its way to being stripped.

"The U-boat was completed at the end of the war, so it never saw any real action - it was literally brand new.

"The war was over, so they said let's take it away and strip it. This boat is in excellent condition.

"We were down at this U-boat two years ago, and it still has its compasses, everything is still on it and it is fully intact."

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