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Teen tractor drivers face court
Last year, police threatened to start issuing ASBOs
Last year, police threatened to start issuing ASBOs
Teenagers who use tractors for meeting up with their friends for nights out in a County Antrim village have been threatened with prosecution.

Police have warned them that using the vehicles for non-agricultural use is illegal.

The PSNI said parents of the teenagers could end up in court for allowing them to drive the tractors into Portglenone to socialise.

Tractors have been used by 16-year-olds to drive into many towns in Antrim.

Some are driven without licences or insurance. The teenagers are only allowed to drive them on farms.

"If drivers breach the conditions of their driving licence or breach the law they should expect to face prosecution," said Constable Lesley White.

"I appreciate that using agricultural vehicles is seen by some young people as an easy way to get mobile, however, there are restrictions both in terms of driving licence and the road traffic law that defines when these vehicles can be used and in what circumstances.

"As breaches of the regulations may also impact on parents, I would urge everyone to make sure that they know the rules and don't fall foul of the law."

Last year, police threatened to start issuing ASBOs as they said they would clampdown on the tractor drivers after there were complaints about engines being revved loudly, music blasting from the cabs and spotlights being shone in Ballycastle, County Antrim.

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