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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 September 2007, 09:08 GMT 10:08 UK
Animal cruelty probe into USPCA
USPCA Chief Executive Stephen Philpott is to be questioned by police
USPCA Chief Executive Stephen Philpott is to be questioned by police
The USPCA is to be investigated after a complaint of animal cruelty was made against them by the owner of a puppy farm whose premises were raided.

A large number of animals were confiscated during the USPCA operation.

Charity chief executive Stephen Philpott is to be questioned by police about allegations the USPCA neglected the animals and caused them to suffer.

Mr Philpott said he went to the farm after a tip-off that animals were being kept in poor conditions.

"We felt we were acting completely properly, we felt we were relieving suffering and as in those situations we recommended multiple seizures to the PSNI and the officers seized the animals," he told the Nolan Show.

"We thought it was a job well done and were absolutely astounded by the PPS when they said that there were no offences being committed and the animals were going to be returned.

"It is a farcical situation, the law can be used back against the people who are trying to enforce it."

The PPS was asked to comment on the case, but declined.

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