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Job Profile: Life as a hairdresser
Christine Boyles
Christine Boyles is a hairdresser in Belfast

What's it like to be a zookeeper? Or a poet? The BBC went on the road to find out. In this online series, Daniel Preysman looks at four jobs, from the quirky to the extraordinary. Today, part one looks at what it's like to be a hairdresser.

Name: Christine Boyles

Hometown: Belfast

Occupation: Hairdresser and salon owner

How's the pay?
If the VAT man would stop taking it, it would be brilliant.

How are the hours?
The hours are okay. I work nine to five and a late night Thursdays. If I'm really tired at 1630, I'll just close up.

Where do you spend most of the day?
I'm in the salon. I don't go anywhere, don't go out for lunch - I just eat and breathe the salon.

Best part of the job?
Meeting great people and making loads of friends. The bond that you have with people, I just love it.

Worst part of the job?
Maybe if someone's stuck with the same hairdo they've had for 30 years, and you want them to change but they won't change. It's not the worst part, just an annoying part. Maybe not getting any holidays - that's the worst part

Tomorrow, we continue our series looking at what it's like to be a zookeeper at Belfast Zoo.

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