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Anger over city student parties
Holyland area of south Belfast
Residents have complained about partying in the Holyland
Residents in the Holyland area of Belfast say they have had to put up with all-day parties during a two-day music festival.

They say some students who rent in the area during term time, have returned for the Tennants Vital concerts.

Tony McGuinness, from the local resident's association, said the constant partying was having an impact on all the people living there.

The local universities have said there are sanctions for misbehaving students.

"There's a lot of empty houses round here, a lot of the students have moved up to Stranmillis because they don't approve of the behaviour," Mr McGuinness said.

"I think there is a belief that the Holylands is the place to party and that residents shouldn't be here."

Gordon Douglas, the community affairs officer for Queen's University, said academic institutions wanted students to behave.

"We have a very robust complaints system where every complaint is investigated," he said.

"At the end of it, a student can be disciplined and it can affect their academic record."

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