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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 July 2007, 11:25 GMT 12:25 UK
Sinn Fein clinches Seanad seat
Leinster House in Dublin
The Seanad sits in Leinster House in Dublin
Sinn Fein has won a seat in the Upper House of the Irish parliament for the first time.

Donegal representative Pearse Doherty got 103 votes giving him a seat on the Seanad's Agriculture panel, alongside Labour's Alan Kelly.

Before the election, Labour and Sinn Fein had agreed a voting pact.

Sixteen of the 49 Seanad seats have been filled, with Fianna Fail winning eight, Labour two, Fine Gael five and Sinn Fein one.

Counting is continuing in Dublin.

Mr Doherty failed to win a Dail seat in the Irish general election earlier this year.

On the whole, Sinn Fein suffered a disappointing general election when only four of its candidates were elected as TDs.

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