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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 July 2007, 08:20 GMT 09:20 UK
Romas leave roundabout campsite
Some of the families have left the site
Some of the families have left the site
About 50 Roma people living on a motorway roundabout near Dublin airport have left the area under garda supervision.

The group who had been living on the M50 near Ballymun close to Dublin Airport since May had urged the Irish government to grant them housing and allow them to stay in the country.

They were not entitled under Irish law to work or stay more than three months, but said conditions there were better than at home. This claim was contested by the Romanian Embassy in Dublin.

On Tuesday, police officers went to the roundabout where about 50 of the Romanian group voluntarily left the area.

They then boarded buses and were taken to accommodation where they are currently being cared for.

Social welfare

They will remain there until they are repatriated to northern Romania.

It is believed there are still about 20 people left at the camp.

On Saturday, Garda officers served immigration documents on a total of 86 foreign nationals at the site and at a derelict house on the Old Swords Road.

Two days later, Irish Justice Minister Brian Lenihan said he had served deportation notices on members of the community encamped on the roundabout.

Ireland has laws barring anyone - including Irish citizens - from claiming social welfare unless they lived legally in the country in the two years preceding a claim.

Romanians and Bulgarians, even though they are European Union citizens, are not allowed work in Ireland and can only legally stay for three months at a time.

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