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PUP 'dissident talks' with PSNI
Dawn Purvis met Mr Ahern in Dublin
Dawn Purvis met Mr Ahern in Dublin on Wednesday
The Progressive Unionist Party have held talks with the police service in relation to dissident republican activity.

Party leader Dawn Purvis led a delegation to meet PSNI Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde in Belfast.

It comes after Sir Hugh told the BBC he believed a forthcoming statement from the Ulster Volunteer Force on its intentions would not go far enough.

The Progressive Unionist Party is aligned with the paramilitary UVF.

Ms Purvis said the purpose of Friday's meeting was "to get an assessment from the chief constable and his top team on dissident republican activity".

"It is important that our new assembly is given the best possible start and that nothing is allowed to destabilise that, therefore it will be helpful to hear from the chief constable his plans to deal effectively with dissident republicans."

On Wednesday, the PUP leader met Taoiseach Bertie Ahern for talks in Dublin.

Earlier, an Independent Monitoring Commission report found that UDA and UVF members were still involved in crime.

The paramilitary watchdog said it was time for the UVF leadership to show courage to point it in a new direction.

The commission said the UVF was not involved in terrorist activity and had tried to address the problem of racial crime during the period under review.

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