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Peace laureate hit by baton round
Mairead Corrigan
The NI peace activist was hit by a plastic bullet
Nobel prize winner Mairead Corrigan has been hit in the leg by a plastic bullet.

The Northern Ireland woman is also said to have inhaled "a considerable amount of tear gas".

She was injured during a confrontation between security forces and people protesting against a security barrier between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

It was built to prevent terrorist attacks but Palestinians say they have been imprisoned ever since.

Speaking after the incident near Bilin on Friday, Mrs Corrigan who was later treated in hopspital, said she wanted to say that "this separation wall, contrary to what the Israelis say, will not prevent attacks and violence.

"What will prevent attacks and violence is a peace agreement between the two peoples, and I am sure the Israeli people, like the Palestinian people, want peace."

Along with fellow Belfast woman Betty Williams, Mairead Corrigan co-founded Women for Peace, which later became the Community for Peace People.

The two women were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 for their efforts in trying to encourage a peaceful resolution to the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

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