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Children receive 11-plus results
Children sitting the 11-plus
Children sat the examination last autumn
Almost 15,000 children in Northern Ireland have received their 11-plus transfer test results.

The pupils sat the tests in English, mathematics and science last autumn to determine whether they will go to a grammar or secondary school.

Of the 14,944 entrants, 5,678 attained Grade A, 1,199 were awarded Grade B1 and 1,337 received Grade B2s.

Grade A is awarded to the top 25% of pupils, B1 is awarded to the next 5% and B2 to the next 5% after that.

Falling numbers of pupils mean a larger share of them will be offered grammar school places.

This is because those schools continue to take in almost the same number of first years, yet fewer pupils are in the system.

"Since 2001, there has been a fall of 3,000 in the year group but the number getting grammar school places has dropped by less than 200," BBC education correspondent Maggie Taggart said.

"That means secondary schools are bearing the brunt of the drop in pupil numbers."

The last 11-plus transfer test is scheduled to be held in 2008.

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