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Best leaves son World Cup watch
Calum Best
Calum Best is left a watch in his father's will
Northern Ireland soccer legend George Best left his celebrity son Calum a commemorative watch in his will.

Even though his will has yet to be finalised, all the money he had will go to his sister Barbara McNarry after debts have been cleared.

Calum, 25, will receive an engraved 1994 Jean Lassel World Cup watch.

Best's gross estate is estimated at 500,000, and the smaller net sum - less the east Belfast man's liabilities - will go to his sister.

Calum Best, 25, is a TV personality and won the second series of the ITV Reality gameshow Celebrity Love Island in 2006.

Grant of probate, which was issued in London on Friday, includes publication of the will, but it is likely to be some time before all his affairs are tied up.

Mrs McNarry's Belfast - based solicitor, Paul Tweed, said: "Until the administration of the estate is finalised, my client will not know the actual net sum available for distribution. This is likely to take several weeks to be resolved."

Best, who was voted European Footballer of the Year during his brief career, turned his back on a top level career after just nine years at the age of 26 and fought a well chronicled battle with alcohol.


He died in November 2005 in hospital after suffering multiple organ failure.

His sister Barbara, who now runs a special charity foundation in memory of the former Manchester United star, has known about her brother's will for some time, according to Mr Tweed.

He said: "However, she and her husband (Norman) have been concentrating their time and energy on their work for the foundation.

"Until the assets of the estate have been realised and the liabilities discharged, my client will not be in a position to decide, and therefore comment, on her future intentions.

"In the meantime, the George Best Foundation will remain her absolute priority."

Best lived in a flat in Chelsea at the time he died in London's Cromwell Hospital. His marriage to Alex ended in 2004 after nine years.

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